5 Clever Tips to Choose a Travel Agent

India is a huge country with varied topography, diverse regions with diverse cultures, different states with different languages and an innumerable number of beautiful places to see! There is snow and there is sand, there are trees and there are backwaters, there are mountains and there are seas all enveloped in its vastness.

It is vital that in the exciting journey over different parts of this country, a traveller is well informed, guided and prepared to make the most of it. At the end of the journey, there should not be any regret as to missing out on some beautiful destination that could have enhanced your experience and your memories.

How can a traveller do that? The best would be to have a travel agent/ expert who understands:

  1. The Purpose of Your Journey

There could be various reasons for travel – recreation, spirituality, wildlife photography or a destination wedding.

  1. Your Budget

They should be able to give you the best value for money.

  1. Constraints

Are there any health issues which might need to be addressed?

  1. The Timeline

Duration of your overall stay and the places to be visited.

5 Clever Tips to Choosing a Travel Agent

  1. It will be an understatement to say that reviews on social media platforms are the new influencers. They not only influence decisions but also give worthwhile feedback. People post their experiences, photographs, must-visit places, feedback and recommendations about services like hotels, travel agents et al. on their social media pages.
  2. Once you have the recommendations from the social media platforms and apps, do a comparative study of the different travel agents and other service providers. It is important to note that only the price quoted should not be the deciding factor. A traveller can check the authenticity also by means of checking for affiliations with travel regulation bodies like IATO (India Association of Tour Operators), ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association).
  3. Visit the website of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India to find the best affiliated and recognised travel intermediaries.
  4. Make sure the travel intermediary understands your requirement. Do they have the relevant experience in a number of years to add value to your travel plans in a particular region?
  5. If you intend to travel pan India, make sure that the travel agent either has offices in different states or has local connects that will take over your travel arrangements from time to time. A physical office is needed to ensure the genuineness of the agency.

A Tip: A landline number, as opposed to a mobile number can help you validate the physical location of an office.

This will ensure a smooth, safe and memorable trip. A trip which will be all over social media as a guiding star for more adventurous travellers!

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