What Makes an Ideal Holiday to India?

A holiday is an important investment, much like any other major expense in our life. One of the dilemmas we face while planning a holiday is the multiple itineraries we receive from various travel agents or online websites. Through this blog, we help you to understand an ideal tour package and some of the essential factors to consider while comparing different packages.

For most of us, the overall cost is often the deciding factor, but we usually forget to see if it’s worth the money. Let’s look at the things we should consider before booking the well deserved holiday.

5 Crucial Factors to Consider

  • Hotels

Accommodation plays an important role in the success of a holiday. It is therefore important to pay close attention to the star ratings and descriptions of the featured hotels. You may be surprised to know that not all 5 star rated hotels are the same. It is advisable to read reviews on your accommodation options on social media, check their exact location (distance from the places of interest/city center) and services and facilities they provide before you make your decision. Hotels are generally priced based on these factors.

  • Room Category

Very often, we receive quotes from multiple travel agents for the same hotels, but we forget to check if the room category being offered is the same or different. Reputed travel companies usually have better connections with these hotels and therefore manage to get higher category rooms at lower costs.

  • Itinerary

An ideal itinerary should be a good combination of activities as well as leisure. Even though a lot of activities on the itinerary sounds fun, it may not always be feasible. After all, who likes to be tired and exhausted on a holiday! It is also important to make note of the places you will actually visit as opposed to those you might just be driving through. There’s a big difference between the two and awareness of this distinction will help avoid disappointment later.

  • Transport

Indian roads, especially in smaller cities, may be uneven and uncomfortable at times. Therefore, the choice of vehicle beforehand would be helpful to resolve this problem. Newer and well-maintained vehicles have comfortable seats and better shock absorption mechanisms that will ease your travel woes on rugged roads.

  • Guided Tours

Most of us believe that hiring a tour guide is a waste of money. However, guided tours help save both money and time. A tour guide provides vital information on the history, culture, and traditions of the places and monuments you visit, thus saving you the effort of reading various resources. They also help eliminate the language barrier for both national and international tourists.

Careful consideration of these factors will ensure you get your money’s worth on any holiday.

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